How Sai Baba Attracts Without Direct Contact (Book 2):

Diary of a 21st Century Sai Devotee


Since Sai Baba left his physical body on 24 April 2011, so how can we keep in contact with him? Well, how about spiritual connection? See Baba beyond his physical body and establish spiritual connection with him. Dr. Wong, who never had direct contact with Baba, became a devout Sai devotee in the early 21st century. He gives many examples in this book and in a prequel entitled “How Sai Baba Attracts Without Direct Contact” on how we can keep in contact with Baba spiritually in everything we do.


In this book, Dr. Wong shares

(1) What are the three most attractive attractions of Baba without direct contact?

(2) What are another 35+ attractions of Baba?

(3) How does Baba demonstrate “His life is his message”?

(4) What can Baba do to the wind and the rain?

(5) How and where does Baba give his blessings?

(6) How does Baba make a zero into a hero?

(7) How does Baba transform us?

(8) How does Baba make the right moves for us?

(9) How does Baba take over our sufferings?

(10) What are Baba’s teachings?



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