Wisdom on How to Live Life (Book 4): Transforming Earth into Heaven


Humans being the most intelligent species and having lived on Earth for thousands of years, we are yet nowhere near to a life of peace, love, joy and harmony. This book contains a story of a young man, Tom, who had a fifth conversation with Guru Harry. This is a continuation of their first four conversations which are contained in the books “Wisdom on How to Live Life” and “Wisdom on How to Live Life (Book 2-3)”. Guru Harry epitomizes someone from a spiritual society who offers a way of living which can lead to peace, love, joy and harmony.


Through this fifth conversation, Tom learnt that

(1) why we should not disrespect those who are at a lower level of development,

(2) why we cannot hear things spiritually,

(3) what is the pleasure that everybody can afford to enjoy,

(4) what is the catch in evolving spiritually,

(5) how to practice “To be in the world but not of it”,

(6) why life should not be just about making a living,

(7) why we should pay people for doing spiritual work,

(8) how to become a master of life,

(9) why societies set up all kinds of reward systems, and

(10) how to create a heavenly society.



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