Why it is not egotistic to say you are good?


Guru: And there is another point about ego.


Tom: What is the point?


Guru: Suppose you are good in singing.


Tom: So, I am good in singing.


Guru: Is it egotistic to say you are good in singing?


Tom: Many people think it is.


Guru: So, what would they say?


Tom: They’ll be humble and say they are not good in singing.


Guru: But actually they are stating a falsehood.


Tom: So, they are telling a lie.


Guru: So, they think they are humble and non-egotistic but actually they become liars.


Tom: So, what should they say?


Guru: Just state the truth.


Tom: So, just say I am good in singing.


Guru: Congratulations.


Tom: So you mean saying I am good at something is not egotistic?


Guru: Stating the truth is not egotistic.


Tom: So we can all say we are good?


Guru: Only when you are really good.