How to practice “To be in the world but not of it”?



Tom: This brings me to one common advice that I would like to ask you.


Guru: Okay, what is the advice?


Tom: To be in the world but not of it.


Guru: Oh yes, this is a common advice.


Tom: Is this a good advice?


Guru: Oh yes, it is a good advice.


Tom: But how do we practice it?


Guru: By living spiritually.


Tom: Is it good to live spiritually?


Guru: Of course it is.


Tom: But you said that we may lose many things.


Guru: Yes, I did.


Tom: I am confused.


Guru: You see in living spiritually, we may lose many worldly things.


Tom: So, we are losers.


Guru: But we’ll gain something more valuable.


Tom: Which is?


Guru: Spiritual enlightenment.


Tom: Wow, you mean we will go to heaven.


Guru: We will live on Earth as though we are in heaven.


Tom: You mean heaven on Earth.


Guru: We will have heaven inside and Earth outside.


Tom: Wow, we will then truly live in the world but not of it.