What is the best thing to give to our children?



Guru: How about people?


Tom: I now realize that I don’t possess people.


Guru: How about your children?


Tom: Especially my children.


Guru: Why did you say "especially"?


Tom: Well, if I feel I possess my children, this is the greatest harm I can do to them, right?


Guru: But many parents are very protective.


Tom: You mean possessive?


Guru: Yes. Let them free.


Tom: Because freedom is love, like you said in our fifth conversation?


Guru: Well, look at the Divine.


Tom: Yes, He gives us complete freedom.


Guru: This is called free will.


Tom: So, the Divine is really loving?


Guru: She offers us unconditional love.


Tom: So, we should offer unconditional love to our children?


Guru: Well, that’s the best thing you can give them.