How to be kind?



Tom: But I am not rich, how can I be kind?


Guru: You know there is a saying?


Tom: What is the saying?


Guru: You don’t have to be rich to be kind.


Tom: Wow, Guru Harry, you are so kind.


Guru: And I am not rich.


Tom: So, you are practicing the saying.


Guru: Yes, Tom, I practice what I preach.


Tom: But how can we be kind when we are not rich?


Guru: Just say a few kind words.


Tom: Kind words are free?


Guru: They can worth more than gold.


Tom: Are there other ways to show our kindness?


Guru: Just give a smile.


Tom: Just give an approving look.


Guru: Just give a sympathetic look.


Tom: Wow, Guru Harry, we can give kindness for free.


Guru: We can create a kind society for free.


Tom: When we have a kind society, we'll have heaven on Earth.


Guru: Indeed, we can have heaven on Earth.