Wisdom for Spiritual Living: 

Extracts from Book Series “Wisdom on How to Live Life”


How to live spiritually in our worldly society? In the “Wisdom on How to Live Life” book series, Guru Harry, through six conversations with the young man Tom, shared his wisdom on how to live a life of peace, love, joy and harmony.


In this book, from the conversations, wisdom that is related to spiritual living has been extracted and arranged under nine chapters. The chapters are:


(1) living as souls,

(2) living spiritually,

(3) purpose in life,

(4) kindness and help,

(5) pleasures and pains,

(6) attachments and non-attachments,

(7) peace and dying,

(8) spiritual evolution, and

(9) key concepts in spiritual living.


May this wisdom enable you to enjoy spiritual living!



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