Wisdom for Living After Being Fired: 

How to Live Spiritually with Unemployment 


Being fired is not a pleasant experience! And for some, the problem doesn’t end there. Apart from the loss of income and colleagues (who become ex-colleagues), it can lead to loss of friends and family (through divorce). Emotionally and physically, it can lead to loss of self-esteem, depression and other ailments, and eventually it can lead to loss of life (suicide). For those who can’t find another job or start a successful business and have no passive income, the problem can become chronic and spiral all the way downwards.


In today’s highly competitive economies, more people are likely to experience being fired. This book contains a conversation between Tom who had been fired, and Guru Harry who offers spiritual solutions to an extremely trying situation. These solutions are particularly useful to those who can’t get external help. May those who are going through such a troubling experience find inner peace!



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