Masters of Life on Good Life and Good Society

Conversations between Tom, Guru Dick and Guru Harry


This book is a sequel to "Masters of Life on Meaningful Living". Moving beyond meaningful living, this book explores how to live a good life and create a good society. In this book, a young man, Tom, has conversations with two gurus, Dick and Harry. Guru Dick epitomizes someone from a worldly society who emphasizes the importance of money and power. Guru Harry epitomizes someone from a spiritual society who considers living with peace, love, joy and harmony are more important.

On living a good life, the gurus offer contrasting views on four aspects of life: (1) basic needs, (2) social needs, (3) sexual needs, and (4) longevity. On creating a good society, the gurus offer contrasting views on four aspects of society: (1) politics, (2) charity, (3) religion, and (4) remuneration. 

For those who are interested in living a good life and creating a good society, this book offers a fresh perspective!



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