How an Engineering Professor Becomes a Spiritual Philosopher: 

Diary of a 21st Century Human Soul


Have you met an engineering professor? Have you met an engineering professor who is deep into spirituality and writes spiritual books? I have, and he is me.

I had worked as an engineering professor in a university in Singapore. I now write philosophical, self-help and spiritual books. For an engineering professor to become a spiritual author is unusual to say the least. Indeed, it is this unusualness that prompted me to write this book. Engineering and spirituality are often perceived as two ends of a spectrum, and it is. As engineering deals with the physical, and spirituality deals with the non-physical, there is actually tremendous synergy once they are combined. In this book, there are ten chapters in which I share my physical and spiritual journey. They are: (1) Study years, (2) Working years, (3) Academic years, (4) From engineering professor to spiritual author, (5) Care for the dying, (6) Being unemployed, (7) Return as consultant, (8) Into politics and socio-political writings, (9) Becoming a spiritual philosopher, and (10) Epilogue.

You are invited to join me on this journey. I hope this sharing is beneficial to you. May your life be filled with peace, love, joy and harmony!



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