Letter to Grandson on Higher Purpose


Extract from "Wisdom for Living Spiritually in the Physical"



Dear Grandson


How are you doing?


While you are busy rushing here and there making a living, have you ever thought about the spiritual side of your life? What if there is a soul inside your body? What if you are the soul and not the body? What if your soul has taken the trouble to come all the way to incarnate into your body? If this is so, is your life just about making a living so as to feed your body? Do you know that no matter how much you feed your body, eventually it will still die? So, is this what life is all about or is there a higher purpose? Is there a purpose for your soul to incarnate into your body? Maybe this is a good time to think about the purpose of your life. Maybe this is good time to find out your higher purpose so that your soul together with your body can accomplish the soul purpose before it leaves your body.


May you live a purposeful life!


Your Grandfather