Wisdom on Life and Death:

How to Live and Die Spiritually



What are life and death all about? How do we live spiritually and die spiritually? In this book, soul searching questions relating to life and death are discussed between a young man, Tom, and Guru Harry, who is spiritual but not religious. In their discussion, they explore the following deep questions:


(1) What are the accumulation phase and deaccumulation phase of a physical life?

(2) Why has a soul come to Earth to incarnate into a body?

(3) When a soul is living with a body on Earth, does it have to make a living?

(4) What are the lessons we can learn from reincarnations?

(5) How does the concept “life review” works at the moment of death?

(6) What is the “death bed technique”?


May this wisdom on life and death enable you to live a purposeful and meaningful life!



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