Wisdom on Being Good and Spiritual:

How to Become a Better Human and Create a Better World


What is good and what is bad? This perennial and important question has been asked countless times, yet often to little practical conclusion. In this book, a young man, Tom, discusses what is good and what is bad with Guru Harry, who is spiritual but not religious. In their discussion, they explore the following deep questions:


(1) How to decide what is good and what is bad?

(2) Why is “good people” a problem in the world?

(3) Why do people who do good must be prepared for condemnation and persecution?

(4) Why should good people go into politics?

(5) Is religion good for the world?

(6) Why does a good society need a good remuneration system?

(7) Why doesn’t a good society have charity?


May this wisdom on good and bad enable you to become a better human and create a better world!



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