Wisdom on How to Live Life:

Transforming Earth into Heaven


Humans being the most intelligent species and having lived on Earth for thousands of years, we are yet nowhere near to a life of peace, love, joy and harmony. This book contains a story of a young man, Tom, who had conversations with two gurus, Dick and Harry. Guru Dick epitomizes someone from a worldly society who emphasized on the importance of money and power. Guru Harry epitomizes someone from a spiritual society who offered an alternative way of living which can lead to peace, love, joy and harmony.


Through these conversations, Tom learnt that

(1) why peace is better than happiness as a goal in life,

(2) how to be empowered in life,

(3) how to achieve freedom in life,

(4) how to live with pleasure and without pain,

(5) what society should be focused on,

(6) what is the objective of education,

(7) what are the purposes of life,

(8) what are the differences between man-made and divine laws,

(9) what are the important spiritual concepts, and

(10) how to transform Earth into heaven.



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