Humans being the most intelligent species and having lived on Earth for thousands of years, we are yet nowhere near to a life of peace, love, joy and harmony. This book contains a hypothetical story of a young man, Tom, who had conversations with two gurus, Dick and Harry. Guru Dick epitomizes someone from a worldly society who emphasized on the importance of money and power. Guru Harry epitomizes someone from a spiritual society who offered an alternative way of living which can lead to peace, love, joy and harmony.


In the first conversation, Guru Dick expounded his worldly wisdom on:


(1)     what is good about money,

(2)     what are the five easiest ways to make money,

(3)     what are the relationships between money, power, law and god, and

(4)     what is one great human weakness.


In the second conversation, Guru Harry expounded his spiritual wisdom on:


(1)     why there is no need to worry,

(2)     why peace is better than happiness as a goal in life,

(3)     how to live in peace and equanimity,

(4)     how to live with pleasure and without pain,

(5)     how to live without fear,

(6)     how to live without disappointment,

(7)     how to live without struggle,

(8)     how to live without sufferings,

(9)     how to live without loneliness,

(10)   how to be empowered in life,

(11)   which type of attachment can bring bliss,

(12)   which relationship can last forever,

(13)   how to appraise world leaders,

(14)   what society should be focused on,

(15)   what is the objective of education,

(16)   what is true charity,

(17)   what is miracle,         

(18)   what is karma,

(19)   why it is important to get the “right” beliefs,

(20)   why reincarnation is important,

(21)   why there is no need to grieve,

(22)   what are the differences between man-made and divine laws,

(23)   what are the important spiritual concepts,

(24)   how to become divine, and

(25)   how to transform Earth into heaven.


On other aspects of life, the two gurus offered contrasting views on:


(1)     what is success in life,

(2)     what are the purposes of life,

(3)     how to enjoy life,

(4)     how to achieve freedom in life,

(5)     how to behave in life,

(6)     how to live with morality,

(7)     what are the major problems in the world,

(8)     why not working for a living,

(9)     how parents should be treated,

(10)   how to decide whether to get married,

(11)   how children should be treated,

(12)   how to select friends,

(13)   how to improve the education system, and

(14)   how to bring peace on Earth.


Through these conversations, young Tom is better prepared and becomes wiser on how to live his life.