How does believing we are souls help us in our daily lives?



Tom: So by believing that we are souls, how will that help us in our daily lives?


Guru: We can see everyone as souls rather than bodies.


Tom: Okay, then?


Guru: We don’t differentiate ourselves with others by the differences in our bodies.


Tom: You mean we don’t differentiate ourselves by different races.


Guru: Right, there’s only one race and that’s the human race.


Tom: No more “us and them”.


Guru: We see everyone as souls, and we’re all the same.


Tom: We look for sameness rather than differences.


Guru: Yes, it’s like we’re all air and there is only one air covering the entire Earth.


Tom: We are all one.


Guru: We’re all connected so we look for cooperation rather than competition.


Tom: Your gain is my gain, and your loss is my loss.


Guru: We look for win-win solutions rather than “I win and you lose” scenarios.


Tom: So we’re all winners.


Guru: Wouldn’t life be better this way?


Tom: Better? It’ll be heaven on Earth.