What is a better focus for the world than economic growth?



Guru: In fact, there’s another problem with economic growth?


Tom: What’s that?


Guru: It’s not sustainable.


Tom: Why not?


Guru: Economic growth relies on more and more consumption but the world’s resources are finite.


Tom: So it’s against the laws of nature?


Guru: It’s a losing strategy.


Tom: Anything that is against the laws of nature is doomed to failure?


Guru: Actually, it’s already a proven failure.


Tom: Really?


Guru: For the past few decades, the world has experienced unprecedented economic growth.


Tom: Then?


Guru: Do we still have poverty on Earth?


Tom: Yes, we do. How can we save the world?


Guru: Change the focus.


Tom: Focus to what?


Guru: Physical and spiritual well being of the citizens.