What is the greatest success in life?



Tom: Guru Harry. What do you consider as the greatest success in your life?


Guru: I’ve managed to uphold my principles.


Tom: Throughout your life?


Guru: Throughout my life.


Tom: Did you have to make sacrifices?


Guru: In the normal sense of the word, yes. I may have lost out on money, position and power.


Tom: But you don’t consider them as sacrifices?


Guru: No, not at all. You see if you’ve principles, what are money, position and power?


Tom: But many people give up their principles because of money, position or power.


Guru: Yes, they give up their principles over the tiniest advantage.


Tom: Why do they do that?


Guru: Because they don’t know what’s really important.


Tom: What is really important?


Guru: Principles.


Tom: Yes, I could have guessed.


Guru: You know there’s a saying.


Tom: What is it?


Guru: If you lose your wealth, you lose nothing. If you lose your health, you lose something. If you lose your principles, you lose everything.