Why we should take responsibility for our actions?



Tom: Guru Harry, you know in our third conversation, you said that we’ve to take responsibility for all our actions.


Guru: Why? Shouldn’t we?


Tom: I mean life will be so much easier if we don’t have to take on responsibility.


Guru: Okay, let me put it this way.


Tom: Which way?


Guru: You see the world is in a mess right now.


Tom: Yes, a huge mess.


Guru: Who caused the mess?


Tom: I’m not sure.


Guru: But somebody caused it, right?


Tom: Right.


Guru: Did anybody own up?


Tom: Nobody.


Guru: So why don’t they own up?


Tom: Because they don’t want to take the responsibility.


Guru: Right. If people don’t take responsibility for their actions, they’ll take irresponsible actions.


Tom: Wow, is this why the world is in such a big mess right now?


Guru: You bet.


Tom: But taking responsibility sometimes can mean pain.


Guru: But it’s good for your soul.


Tom: And by avoiding responsibility, we can also avoid pain.


Guru: But you can’t avoid the consequences of your actions.


Tom: Why not?


Guru: Divine laws.


Tom: Who cares about the divine laws?


Guru: You’re right.


Tom: I am?


Guru: Look at the world right now.


Tom: I see what you mean.


Guru: This is the consequence of not taking responsibility.