Why life is getting harder and harder?



Tom: Are there any other reasons why life is getting harder?


Guru: Technology.


Tom: I thought that technology makes life easier.


Guru: Appropriate use of technology makes life easier.


Tom: So we’re not using technology appropriately?


Guru: Let me put it this way.


Tom: Which way?


Guru: With the new technology, are people buzier at work or do they have more time for leisure?


Tom: Undoubtedly, buzier at work.


Guru: But technology is supposed to give us more time for leisure?


Tom: It is?


Guru: So technology makes us buzier and our lives harder.


Tom: So life is hard.


Guru: And there’s another point.


Tom: What is it?


Guru: Since the world operates on the basis of competition, it’s like a race.


Tom: Okay.


Guru: And the fastest runners dictate the rate of technology advancement.


Tom: So the rate is very fast?


Guru: The rate is too fast.


Tom: Too fast for the other runners.


Guru: So the other runners are struggling to catch up.


Tom: They’ll never catch up. So life becomes a struggle.


Guru: And it’s getting harder and harder.


Tom: This is a very good observation, Guru Harry. So how can we make life easier?


Guru: Slow down and cooperate.